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Client Love - Rebecca Rant

"She pushes me to think bigger, and continues to equip me with the mindset necessary to achieve my dreams"

I've known Rebecca a long time, but recently started working together on a professional level. In the short amount of time I have been working with her, she has been so great at giving me all the tools to reach my goals. Even beyond that, she has been incredible at helping me realize my goals. I now believe I can accomplish so much more than I previously thought possible. She pushes me to think bigger, and continues to equip me with the mindset necessary to achieve my dreams. I love working with Rebecca!

Beth F.

knoxville, tn 

Client Love - Rebecca Rant

"(She) goes above and beyond to help those around her grow, both personally and professionally."

“Rebecca is a phenomenal business partner. She embodies true leadership qualities and goes above and beyond to help those around her grow, both personally and professionally. She has a servant’s heart — always taking action towards guiding others to their highest potential and success.”

Ashley M.

charleston, Sc

"If you Join A Journey with her, she's going to ensure you get the results and goals you desire!"

Rebecca is seriously tenacious, she's passionate, she's excited! She is one of the most determined people I have ever met. She knows how to get results! So, if you join a journey with her, she's going to ensure that you get the results and goals that you desire! She doesn't know how to not do those things. The fire is inside of her to help as many people as she can.

Sara B.

spring lake, mi 

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Making better use of your time
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Scaling your business
Learning organic marketing strategies 
Gaining incredible self-confidence 
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Mastering your niche 
Growing your social media platform/s
Mastering the craft of closing 
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Rebecca is one of the most intelligent and caring individuals I know. She is patient and respectful to you when you ask questions and very clearly explains her thoughts. She is an excellent mentor, business partner, as well as a friend. Rebecca is someone who ultimately has your best interests at heart. She doesn’t compromise her integrity for personal gain and will honestly give you her thoughts on matters you ask for her input on. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all things holistic for the body as well as for the mind. She also has a gift for shining a light through the murky waters life tends to throw at us and is able to foresee things you may have not considered. If you ever get the chance to work with Rebecca, I would encourage you to take it. She will not lead you down the wrong path and truly cares for your success in business and in life!

Shannon G.


"(Rebecca) continues to work diligently with me to help me be successful"

I came into the online business world, early in 2023. I had absolutely no prior experience and I am not good with technology. I'm so grateful to be able to be mentored by Rebecca! She is such a joy to work with! She has guided me step-by-step through the process of launching and building my business. And continues to work diligently with me to help me be successful. Rebecca is so kind and caring, and goes above and beyond to help those she cares about! She is always available to answer any and all of my questions! She is very compassionate in helping me and others reach their dreams and goals. That truly in itself means the world to me! I know how much she has going on but she has never made me feel like she didn't have time for me. Thank you!

Kathy M. 

canadian lakes, mi 

Client Love - Rebecca Rant
Client Love - Rebecca Rant

"Made a massive difference in my mindset and the way i look at things"

I haven't known Rebecca that long, but in the short time she's been helping me with my business, it's made a massive difference in my mindset and the way I look at things! I feel lucky to have her to go to for help on this journey. Big things are on the horizon! Thanks Rebecca

Abby S. 

houston, texas

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Rebecca has helped me so much with my mindset! She pushed me past the beliefs that were holding me back from having the success I was looking for. And now, I'm able to grow confidently in the direction of my dreams! I'm so grateful for her patience, compassion and willingness to go out of her way for me. Thank you, Rebecca!

Jessica S.

stuart, fl 

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